Friday, October 11, 2013

My apologies for posting this so late this month. I will definitely do better next month.

The October issue of FiberBytes is now online. Remember to send us your info if you have something to share/advertise in an upcoming issue.

I also have some news to update about the Mystery Quilt Club at . Because Yahoo has made upgrades, several members (including myself) are having trouble logging in and using the Mystery Quilt members list. Therefore, I have created a Dropbox for the Mystery Club members to get patterns through it. When you join or renew your membership you will be invited to join either or both venues.
It seems to be working better than the Yahoo list so I will continue to post there as well. Because Dropbox allows for more posting space and supplies the patterns directly to your Dropbox account, I may switchover to only Dropbox at some point in time. For now however, I will post the patterns in both Yahoo and Dropbox. As always, pattern parts will be emailed directly to members who aren't able to use either venue.
I have big plans to expand and improve the Mystery Quilt Club so watch for updates. My goal is to grow, grow grow in the coming months. I hope current members will stay with me as we grow. I will be contacting all current members soon with more details and an offer to earn free membership time.
Til next time,
Happy Quilting!