Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Yesterday VS. Today

Have you ever heard a song for the first time thinking it belonged to the artist singing it only to find out later that the song is much older and was originally done by someone else? Well, this is proof that designs in the quilting world are no exception.

I have been working to learn EQ7 for several months now and stumbled across something I found interesting.

I teach a class called Quilted Applique' for longarm quilting (soon to be offered in our online Quilt Club) and found that using applique' motifs from the EQ library made it possible to produce some handouts for students to practice drawing different quilting designs. I have been teaching this class for three years and the motif shown below is one I use in the handout.

I recently decided that my quilt magazine collection is way out of control (more than 1,000 and counting) so, I decided to sort out some that I will be offerning for sale at our Holiday Quilt Show and Sale this November. As I was looking through them to decide which I would keep and which I would sell, I stumbled across a quilt on page 35 of the May 1982 issue of Quilter's Newsletter Magazine using this motif in a setting just slightly different from the EQ setting.

As I look through my magazines I will now be on the lookout for similar incidents. I encourage you to take some time to look through some of your old magazines and see what might catch your eye.

This is the EQ applique' motif I use in my handout.

This is the block setting from the EQ block library.

This is the way the quilter in 1982 used the block.
A slightly different setting but clearly the same motif.

I'm anxious now to try some layouts of my own to create another look with the same motif.

Till next time,

Happy Quilting!